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2023 NEBCA Novice Learning Trial  Heather Pekarovich and Magic 1st place Morning Trial

2023 Clint Brome and Banner earned their PT title at the Mayflower PWCC Trial


June 2022:  Clint Brome and his PWC Banner completed their HT title at the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Herding Trial June 12 2022.  This is their first foray into the herding arena, and they did a stellar job!  

2022 Kim Fuller and Kip 1st Place NEBCA Teaching Stockdog Trial

March 2022: GCH TC MACH2 Shorefire I Can Fly CD BN RE HXAs HXAdM MXS MJG  New Herding Champion, Dual Champion and Triple Champion.  Amelia completed her Herding Championship in Mayer, AZ March 2022 with 4 major wins, two High in Trials and a Reserve High in Trial.  

In October 2022 Teresa and Dobby earned their Open Sheep and Duck titles at the ASCA Harvest Moon Trial!


September 2022: Teresa Calder and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Dobby, earned their AKC title by winning the Started Duck A course class at Starshine Farm this past Labor Day.  Teresa recently began herding again after a cross country move and some time away.  We are looking for big accomplishments for this team!


Linda Pace and Addie, Reserve Champions at the NEBCA Novice Novice Trial in 2021

Carol and Amelia High in Trial at the Mayflower Herding Trial June 13.  From Advanced A Sheep!  June 2021

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