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We offer a variety of farm fresh products.

781-929-9241 to place your order  

Shorefire Crackers are made with all-natural, farm-fresh ingredients.  We do not use preservatives, and the producst is vaccuum sealed for freshness.  Once opened, the contents must be refrigerated.  Shorefire Crackers come in 4 oz sealed bags ($10.00).


Shaded product is temporarily out of stock

All bite size treats are made with duck eggs, canola oil, organic flour (either wheat or rice), baking soda, distilled water, and the prime, human grade, protein ingredient.

Your dogs will light up when you use these treats!

Shorefire Crackers

Shorefire Crackers Label Ckikin' Littles
Shore  fire Crackers Label Gobblers 4oz_
Shore  fire Crackers Label Surf N' Turf
Shore  fire Crackers Label Seafood_edite

When a product is out of stock, it can be frustrating for customers who were hoping to purchase it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working to restock the item as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our other products that may meet your needs. Thank you for your understanding.


Available as our ducks allow! 


  $5.00/Dozen, rinsed not washed, fresh that week.  Available through our farmstand

Farm Fresh Duck Eggs

USDA Processed Lamb 

Our lamb is all grass-fed, free-range, and USDA processed.  

 Stew Meat                           $9.00/lb  in 1 pound packages 


 Ground Lamb                       $12.00/lb  in 1 pound packages  

 Whole Leg Roast                   $14.00/lb

  Shoulder or Arm Chops           $8.00/lb

  Loin Chops                           $10.00/lb

  Rack of Lamb (limited supply) $21.00/lb

  Half Lamb, USDA includes processing per your specs (taking orders for Fall) $Market Price

  Whole Lamb USDA includes processing per your specs (taking orders for Fall) $Market Price

Herding Long Lines

Biothane Long Line

Colors vary, 30' long.  Riveted snap $25 each


Non-Kink Long Line Available By The Foot

This rope does not kink and allows the handler to give clear input down the line to their dog

  10 foot line, with brass swivel snap  $15.00

  15 foot line, with brass swivel snap  $18.00

  20 foot line, with brass swivel snap  $20.00

  30 foot line, with brass swivel snap  $25.00

  40 foot line, with brass swivel snap  $30.00

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